Today is Jason’s 27th birthday, woohoo! Welcome baby to the 27 club, which still feels like 26 (lol).

My family has had a few birthday traditions, that Jason and I plan to do with our kids one day, and that is the You Are Special plate and going around the table and saying why you are special. We live in a busy world and it’s easy to say I love you when you’re running out the door in the morning, but to actually pause and say how special that person is to you or how much they have impacted your life is incredibly special. It breaths words of encouragement and love. It’s important to build each other up and tell your friends, family members, or significant other why they are special.

Jason is special because:

  1. His Faith: Jason’s faith and his love for the Lord is his foundation in life and in our marriage. He shows Christ’s love in everything he does and continues to dig deeper into his relationship with Jesus. I love the quote that says, “Ladies, a man will love you great only when he loves God greater.” Jason showers me with love, but I know that is because he loves God greater and that love pours out into our marriage.
  2. He Relates: This has to be one of my favorite qualities about Jason. He relates to everyone and creates a personal relationship with each individual in his life. For example, I have a huge family and Jason relates and has a different relationship with each family member. It didn’t surprised me when Jason wanted to take a step of faith and go after his dream of becoming a financial advisor. This career fits him perfectly because he relates to people and meets each individual differently. The clients he has and the ones you will have in the future will be blessed by him.
  3. Adventurous: Living life with Jason is the best adventure! He has a love for life and for living life to the fullest. Yes, we get into our daily routines and are working our butts off in our careers, but that doesn’t stop Jason from adventuring with me or making memories. Growing old with him will never be boring, that’s for sure!
  4. He Motivates: Jason motivates everyone around him. If you have a relationship with Jason, you will find that he will motivate you in someway. It might be in your career, your fitness journey, your faith, or your marriage. Jason has motivated me in many areas of my life. He has even motivated me to workout before work(took a lot of motivating), and I have now fallen in LOVE with it. That man just rubs off on you! You will experience this yourself if you hangout with him long enough.
  5. His Glass is Always Half Full: Jason never complains or makes excuses. He has a positive outlook during every trial in life and keeps grinding. During the hard seasons, Jason keeps us moving and looking ahead. I am the worrier who is always afraid God won’t show up (He always does. I should know this by now), and Jason is always the one to remind me that He has us and will always provide. Having a husband who looks at the glass half full is encouraging and helps you appreciate every moment in life.

Happy Birthday baby! You are LOVED!