Have you ever given two weeks notice? I have. Let me tell you, leaving a job and transitioning into a new one can feel like a breakup. At times it can be difficult because you don’t want to hurt anyone, but you have to do what’s right for you (“It’s not you, it’s me”). Transitioning jobs is a part of life.

I am currently going through a job transition. God has opened up a big door for me, and I am jumping all in. This new opportunity scares me, but also excites me! Scares me because it’s unknown, but excites me because I know I am going to LOVE what I do. I am excited to get moving, but before I do that I need to finish strong in my current position.

Here below is my advice for you when transitioning jobs:

  • Speak from Your Heart: Be truthful about why you’re transitioning. I find that being open and speaking from your heart is important. I have a heart for people, and my intention is never to upset or hurt anyone. During a transition though, you might not be able to control the feelings of others. All you can do is be open and honest about this new step in your life. Leave it all on the table.
  • Tell Coworkers in Person: I have built some great friendships here at my current job. Some that are stronger than others. The last thing I want is for one of my close coworkers to find out I am leaving through a mass email. I make sure to go around and tell coworkers in person before they find out through an email. This is not only the right thing to do when leaving a job, but it shows people you care about their feelings and how they might respond.
  • Thank You Letter: Usually, you have to write a resignation letter for your current employer. On top of the resignation letter, I also like to write thank you cards for my bosses. I think this is crucial because they were the ones who hired you and gave you the opportunity to work at their company. Without them, you would have never had that job in the first place. So, take time to write a thank you note and express how grateful you are for them. Life is about showing love and respect to others. So, what better way than to write a thank you note before you move on.
  • Make Your Way Around: Please don’t disappear on your last day on the job. Make an effort to walk around and say goodbye to everyone. Leave a good impression. You don’t want to be known for the person who put in their two weeks notice and then disappeared. Be present and acknowledge that this transition might be hard for others. Making an effort to see everyone before you go will show your heart and maturity.