Lately, I have been noticing results due to my fitness journey. I have seen my stomach trim down, my abs become more defined, and my booty looking firmer. Hey, I can brag a little as I have been busting my butt in the gym for a long time! 4:30 am mornings, eating lean (a lot of protein), and having a healthy balance in my life has finally paid off. Does this mean I’m stopping? HECK NO! This motivates me to become stronger and push myself to new limits! Now, I am by no means trying to lose weight. I am all about toning and building muscle to improve my strength.

One of the greatest additions to my workouts has been my new Apple Airpods. I kept debating on whether to get them or not and I ended up caving in once my birthday came around. I am SO happy I purchased these bad boys! They have completely changed my fitness game and have taken my workouts to a whole new level. I never realized how much wires affected my workouts until they disappeared. I can now jump, go deep, and move quickly without having to worry about my phone or headphone wires getting tangled. I can now turn up my music, put my phone in my gym bag and focus on my training.

Here below are three of my favorite booty exercises that I LOVE and have helped me see results. Yes, I am all forΒ working out that booty. I don’t think Jason minds either…lol!

(I am not a Youtube professional. Sorry for the bad quality, but I want to share my workouts with you.)