South Coast Winery and Carter Estate Winery were a dream. We had a wonderful day exploring the wineries, vineyards and Old Town, Temecula. I haven’t spent much time in Temecula, but I was captivated by its beauty and all we explored.

The day started off with a tour of South Coast Winery, which was given by Ray, the Managing Director.  He first introduced us to some employees at the resort. Everyone was very hospitable and friendly. After we shook some hands, Ray gave us a tour of the wine tasting room and The Vineyard Rose restaurant. The restaurant is housed in an elegant, Tuscan-inspired dining room with a relaxing wine bar and terrace. It also had a gorgeous patio with families of all different sizes and ethnicities gathered around the tables. It was beautiful! I could picture Jason and I surrounded by family and friends at a table making memories, just like these people were doing.

We made our way out to the gorgeous vineyards where we stopped to take photos. I couldn’t get over the rows of grape-filled vines, seemingly ready to be picked. This was one of my favorite parts about the resort. The Villas were even amongst the vineyards, where you could wake up from a cozy nights sleep, and walk right out the patio door and view the acres of green vines sprawling over the gently sloping hills. It was absolutely breathtaking!

Another highlight of mine was the beautiful courtyard for weddings and events. We are already married, but I am going to try and convince my little sister or brother to look into this place for each of their weddings (neither are engaged yet, but one can still hope!). I loved the big courtyard with strings of lights hanging above, inviting guests to spend a night amongst the stars. I envision one big dance party, good wine, and some stunning photos in the vineyards at sundown.

After we spent time touring the gorgeous pool and spa at South Coast Winery, we made our way over to Carter Estate, which was right across the street. Carter Estate is a more secluded and private resort. It would be perfect for romantic get aways with your spouse. It has 42 luxurious, Mediterranean-inspired Bungalow Suites surrounded by vineyards that have produced award-winning wines. The rooms come complete with a private deck and balcony area, where you can soak up the California sun and sip the delicious wines aged in the finest European oak barrels. Jason and I are looking forward to having a romantic getaway here in the future.

As the sun was descending over the mountains, we made our way to Old Town, Temecula. Old Town is about ten minutes away from the resorts, which is perfect if you are looking to get out and explore away from the wineries. I was surprised at how many great restaurants there were in Old Town. For dinner, we chose pasta, of course… (Jacobi’s are Italian)! We went to Gourmet Italia, where we were introduced to the owner, Alessandro. “Alex” was born in Piazza Armerina, Sicily, Italy, and came to California without knowing English. He started his first job mopping floors, and in 4 short years, accomplished his dream of opening a restaurant in America. His restaurant is amazing and the service is wonderful! I highly recommend Gourmet Italia if you are craving the best bowl of pasta in Temecula.

Jason and I had a lovely day in Temecula exploring South Coast Winery and Carter Estate Winery. Some activities on my bucket list for the future include; staying in the Villas at either resort, enjoying a wine tasting tour, and learning about the art of making wine. Horseback riding and conquering my fear of hot air balloons are also at the top of the list. See you soon Temecula!

Outfit: I love this dress from No Rest for Bridget. It was the perfect maxi dress for visiting a winery & resort and being out in the sun all day. I love the open back, as it allows air to flow through. It was 82 degrees after all!