Finding a hairstylist who knows exactly what you want and who makes your vision come to life can be very difficult. I didn’t start dying my hair until after Jason and I got married, and it took me awhile to find someone who understood what I was looking for when it came to the style and color of my hair.

My search for a hairstylist in Orange County ended about a year ago when I came across Amber Tice, from the Living Room Hair Salon in Costa Mesa. I fell in love with her work! Not only does Amber bring my vision to life, but she also knows exactly what I am thinking even if I can’t explain it correctly (typical Melissa). I have always wanted a full balayage that grows out naturally overtime and is low maintenance; Amber created this exact look. She gave me a beautiful, soft blonde balayage, without losing my natural brown. She gives me mermaid hair everytime I visit her and I just can’t get enough of her amazing work.

If you are in need of a hairdresser in the OC, I highly recommend Amber at the Living Room Hair Salon. Not only is she amazing, but the salon itself is adorable! The salon is a full service hair and skin salon and is also a gallery that promotes all types of local artists. It is unique, stylish, and inviting. I hope you check out Amber and experience what true mermaid hair feels like.

Amber Tice Instagram- ambertice_hair