Let’s be real…life is hard! I remember being in high school, and my parents would tell me, “Melissa, enjoy being young because being an adult isn’t easy.” Back then I didn’t really know what they meant, but now that I’m adult, I completely get it! I love the meme that says, “Me trying to excel in my career, maintain a social life, drink enough water, exercise, text everyone back, stay sane, survive and be happy.” YES! That explains how I feel every week.

I am sure this explains your weeks as well. Time flies by, and I just can’t seem to catch up and get everything done. I even let the little things get me down. Not acceptable!

Okay friends, I have always wanted to start this, but I would love for you to do this with me. It’s like having a gym buddy, you are more encouraged to do something when you have someone to do it with. I want to start writing three things I am thankful for everyday. That is doable for all of us, right? Let’s do it! Even better, lets also put it on our Instagram story everyday to keep us accountable. You can scribble out the words of what you are thankful for if you don’t want to share, but post it!

Let’s encourage one another to be thankful everyday! Yes, life is hard and some days it absolutely sucks, but we are blessed. If we take time aside to write down three things we are thankful for each day, it will change our mind set. I am going to challenge myself to do this for a month, I hope you join!

Dress from Forever 21, sweater from Express, and shoes from Steve Madden.