We live in a culture that tells you scars are not beautiful. Today I am here to tell you, that scars are beautiful! It not only tells a story, but those scars are what made you who you are today.

If you are reading this blog post, I am sure you have dealt with insecurities. We all have. There is something about yourself that you don’t like. It could be your hair, nose, body, height, etc. For me, it started with my height at a young age. I was in 7th grade, and I grew fast! I was taller then all the boys, which made me feel big. I remember to this day being in the bathroom with a bunch of other girls my age, and they were all saying how they needed to go on a diet because they thought they were fat. These girls were tiny, but for some reason the world had already told them that they weren’t enough. My thoughts were that if these girls were going on a diet, then I must go on a diet as well. I started cutting back little by little, and also hiding it from my family so they wouldn’t notice. I would stuff my cereal down the drain, and for lunch I would only eat an apple and the turkey out of the sandwich. I was also an athlete. I was playing basketball, tennis and I also loved to run. The problem was, I was not nourishing my body with the nutrients it needed to be an athlete. So little by little, I started to lose weight.

Over a couple of months, my family and loved ones started to notice. They would follow me to the bathroom after dinner because they thought I would throw up, but I wasn’t bulimic. I would just starve myself and workout all the time. I remember constantly thinking I was fat. I would look in the mirror and be so skinny, where you could see my ribs, but I STILL thought I was fat.

With the help of my mom/dad and other family members, I was able to get back to eating again. I went from eating nothing, to eating bagels and a bunch of other carbs. We were just trying to get weight back on me again, since I was incredibly skinny. As a gained weight, I started to develop stretch marks on my stomach and thighs. This was because I went from having no meat on my bones, to my skin stretching and gaining weight pretty fast. I use to be ashamed of these marks, but I have now learned to love them!

Christ has transformed the way I view myself and beauty itself. It takes time, and I am not perfect. I still struggle with my insecurities daily. It’s a constant battle, but with Christ, I have been able to overcome these battles every day. My scars, stretch marks, tell my story. They tell the story of a girl who battled an eating disorder, and who was able to overcome!

If you are battling insecurities, or an eating disorder, there is hope! Don’t let the world define beauty for you, Christ has already defined it. My hope is for women to seek their beauty in Christ and realize that their scars are beautiful. It tells your story.