I love a good routine.

In the morning, I need some sort of checklist when the alarm goes off, or I end up laying there debating whether to pull the covers off or not. Having a reasonable morning routine keeps my mind right and keeps me moving at 6 am.

Here below is my morning routine:

  1. Gym: Jason and I hit the gym before work on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. I find that getting a workout in before work gets my blood pumping and motivates me to attack the day.
  2. Warm Water & Lemon: This is my morning beverage before eating breakfast. Not only does this delicious drink warm your body up on these brisk fall mornings, but it’s packed with Vitamin C! It also gives my metabolism a kick start before a long day.
  3. Shower: I wash my hair every other day. With that being said, I try and schedule my hair washing days on the days Jason and I go to the gym. Now that I am balayage, I make an effort to use the right hair products that will give me long-lasting color. Here are the products I use and love: Joico Purple Shampoo & DPHUE Purple Conditioner,
  4. Breakfast: What I eat for breakfast depends on my morning. If we hit the gym before work, we will come home and have a protein/fruit shake. If we don’t hit the gym, my breakfast entails gluten-free bread from Trader Joes with Almond Butter. Oh, and I can’t forget the pumpkin bread. Fall is my favorite season at Trader Joes because they carry gluten-free pumpkin bread. It’s delicious and so moist!
  5. Makeup: I like to keep it simple and natural when it comes to my daily makeup. My goal is to try and bring out features that I love (eyelashes, lips, etc). One makeup brand that helps me create a beautiful and natural look each morning is Heroes Beauty. Their products combine professional quality with artistic acumen to allow you to look your best without looking “made-up.” And you’ll love how it feels on your skin. I know I do!

What is your morning routine?