There are no excuses when it comes to your fitness journey. Yes, life is busy and work gets in the way, but there is always time to fit in a workout. Even if it’s getting outside for 20 minutes and going for a jog, or waking up before work to get in the gym. I believe in no excuses. The excuses you make reveal your laziness.

When starting your fitness journey, you need to set a schedule and stick with it! If you miss a day, make sure to make it up the next day. Stick with your schedule and stay consistent. Consistency will give you results. I am going to start sharing my favorite workouts that have helped me create results. Results are motivating! Once you start seeing results, you will start enjoying the process.

Legs have always been my favorite to workout. Maybe it’s because us ladies are always trying to achieve a round booty and defined calves. Here below are some of my favorite lower body workouts (I would encourage you to pick 3-4 things from this list every time you workout your lower body).

Note: *do 15 burpees, jumping squats, or jumping lunges after each set* Keep sweating and keep that heart rate up! You want high intensity interval training (HIIT). 

Leg Day

  • Warm Up (I always warm up 10-15 minutes before weight-lifting. Doing this helps me break a sweat that continues the rest of the workout)
    • Treadmill: 10 minutes. 5 minute jog, 5 minute sprints (30 second sprint, 30 second jog…repeat).
    • Stair Master: 5 minutes, high intensity. Push yourself! Sweat should be dripping off of your face.
  • Squats on Squat Rack: 10 reps, 4 sets
  • Single Leg Squat (using dumbbell or kettlebell): 10 reps each side, 4 sets
  • Bulgarian Split Lunges: 20 reps each leg, 5 sets
  • Jump Squats {holding a 10-12 pound medicine ball}: 15 reps, 5 sets
  • Barbell Hip Thrusts {lying down on bench — heavy}: 20 reps, 4 sets
  • Pulse Squats with Infinity Resistance Band Around Legs: 30 reps, 3 sets
  • Sumo Squats w/ Weight: 15 reps, 3 sets

Note: I incorporate abs throughout my whole workout. For example: I will do a superset of squats on squat rack, shoulders, and 1 minute plank (repeat 4x). Incorporating supersets helps me get a “full body” workout while also focusing on one area of the body (lower body).