What do you prefer, cardio or weightlifting? Both cardio and weightlifting have a lot of great benefits for your body, but today I am going to talk about having a healthy balance of both, and getting the body you have always wanted.

I grew up weightlifting, but as I got older I focused more on cardio thinking I would lose weight and be fit. Now don’t get me wrong, cardio is great for your heart and has many health benefits, but weightlifting is what changed my body and helped me achieve the results I have always wanted.

Here below are some health benefits on why women should lift…

  1. Lose Body Fat- Studies found that the average woman who strength trains two to three times a week for two months will gain nearly two pounds of muscle and lose 3.5 pounds of fat! Ladies, that is pretty awesome!
  2. Gain Strength without Bulking- This is the number one reason why most women are afraid to weightlift. This is a misconception as it physically can not happen. Women simply don’t have the testosterone to build muscle like men. Instead women develop muscle definition and strength without the size.
  3. Burn More Calories- Weight training has been proven to raise your metabolism for up to 24 hours after a workout! This has been so true for me. Since I have started my weightlifting journey, my metabolism has improved where I can eat more then I did when I was just doing cardio.
  4. Enhance Mood & Reduce Stress- This is huge and I find it very important! Weight training is a healthy stress reliever. It will change your mood and your outlook on life. It will also help you when you have those bad work days. Yup, we have all been there!

Hopefully these four benefits have intrigued you to start weightlifting. It might seem like a scary journey, but I am going to give you some tips on how to start out and stay motivated. At first, you might hate weight training, but I promise you will end up falling in love with it! It is so motivating and encouraging to work hard and see results, especially if you have been running on the treadmill for years and seeing no changes.

Tips on starting out on your weightlifting journey…

  1. Be Excited!- It might be scary or even discouraging thinking about the long journey ahead of you, but if you look at this journey with excitement it will change your attitude on the process.
  2. Find a Partner- If you are married, I highly recommend starting this weight training journey with your hubby. Jason and I started our journey together and it has been great to have someone to do it with. The days I am tired or don’t want to get out of bed, he motivates me and vise versa. Having a friend or spouse to encourage you is going to be a game changer with helping you stay motivated throughout the process.
  3. Start Slow- When starting your journey, take it slow. Don’t jump in and expect to lift heavy. You need to start slow and slowly build your strength. When it comes to movements for squats, deadlifts, etc, I recommend just doing the motion with the bar, with no weights. As the weeks go on, you should increase the weight, but at first the most important thing is to master the correct motion.
  4. Weight-lift 3x a Week- Pick three days out of your schedule where you can train. Jason and I go on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. We love this schedule because it gives you a day to relax in-between training. This is our schedule for these three days…
    1. Tuesday- Chest & Triceps
    2. Thursday- Back & Biceps
    3. Saturday- Legs & Shoulders
  5. Morning Lifts- Jason and I use to lift after work on those three days, but the gym was always so crowded and we found it hard to motivate ourselves to get to the gym after a long day of work. About 6 months ago, we changed our routine and have started training before work, which means we were at the gym by 5am. Now, this takes a lot of dedication, and I highly recommend a partner for this because it’s hard at first. Jason would have to drag me out of bed because my body was not use to waking up that early. It takes some time to build a habit, but once you make morning workouts a habit, you will end up LOVING it! Jason and I feel more refreshed for work after our morning workouts, and we love coming home and not having to go to the gym.
  6. Pre-Workout- Now, that you have thought about lifting before work, I highly recommend you look into getting some pre-workout. Once I added pre-workout to my morning routine, it has helped me wake up and focus at 5am. I have listed the pre-workout I take before workouts here below.

I hope my personal tips help you as you start your weight training journey. Please message me if you would like more details or help with starting out. I would love to send you workouts that have helped me in my journey. Like I mentioned before, at first you might hate weight training, but I know you will end up loving it once you start feeling good and seeing the results you have always wanted!