You make a great playlist, you put out your workout clothes, you set five alarms to make sure you get out of bed, however you just never feel like you’re truly getting anywhere. But you’re not alone. There were times in my fitness journey when I would leave the gym feeling like it could have been so much more. I would show up to my workout and leave feeling like I lacked fitness knowledge, and I would still feel stressed from work and exhausted because I wasn’t fueling my body correctly. Many of us have had these types of feelings when leaving the gym but they’re simply excuses, all you need is a little nudge…

GOALS: It’s time to create a plan. Dig out a pad of paper or open a new note in your phone. Goals are very important at the start of your fitness journey. Having goals helps push you and work towards something to conquer. You don’t want to get comfortable in your journey, you need to always be striving toward a goal. Leg day has always been my favorite workout day, but in the beginning of my weightlifting/fitness journey I set a goal to work on my shoulders, upper body, and abs. Setting these goals were important as it helped motivate me during the times I was not seeing results. It takes time, perseverance, and hard work but I promise you that you will see your goals conquered if you don’t give up. Once you conquer a goal, set a new one.

PICK YOUR NEMESIS: What causes you to get comfortable in the gym or not finish those last five reps? It’s important to acknowledge your struggles and than make a change. We all love comfort zones in our life, but having comfort zones in the gym is not allowed. If the 15lb dumbbell is getting easier, go up to 20lb. If you jog on the treadmill for 10 minutes before weightlifting, than take it up a notch and maybe jog 5 minutes and sprint the other 5 minutes. It’s not about finding a comfort zone in the gym, it’s about pushing your body to new limits and showing your body who is boss!

FUEL YOUR BODY: This is so important when you are starting your fitness journey. When women want to lose weight they end up starving themselves and working out a ton in the gym. When doing this, you put your body in starvation mode where it starts storing fat. Instead, you need to be fueling your body and nourishing it before, throughout, and after your workouts.. Make sure you’re incorporating good fats, protein, and lots of water in your diet. Fuel your body like you would a Ferarri and it will get you to your destination so much quicker.

MANAGE YOUR TIME: Make the most out of your time in the gym. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I see people talking instead of working out, or working out and talking at the same time. It’s always fun to run into a friend at the gym, but keep it short and ask them out to coffee instead. If you want to see results, you need to stay focused and keep your body loose. Your body will tighten up if you starting talking too long. Jason and I like to keep our gym time to 1hr and 15 minutes. We have the 15 minutes for warm up and cool downs and we secure the other hour for weightlifting. Manage your time, stay focused, and keep to your schedule and you will see results.

DRINK PROTEIN POWDER: Like I mentioned above, it’s very important to fuel your body throughout the day. Throughout my fitness journey, I have grown to learn how important protein powder is for your body when finishing a workout. You need to fuel your muscles after you have been breaking them down. One of my favorite protein brands is Metabolic Nutrition Muscle Lean (chocolate flavor). I have tried a lot of different proteins but this one is my favorite and is perfect for my type of body, workouts, and metabolism. Jason and I get our products from Ryan Hasselkus at Sports Nutrition, in Costa Mesa. Go check our Sports Nutrition and talk to Ryan or find a store like Sports Nutrition in your area, and talk to the store manager and find a protein that works for you and your body.

LET ME TAKE A SELFIE: This one sounds weird, but once you set a goal, take a before and after picture to see the change in your body. It will only motivate you to workout harder and help you set new, larger goals that you want to achieve.