I’m not even a mother yet, and I have found that finding time for myself is nearly impossible. Once I go to work, come home, make dinner, clean, make lunches, and do laundry, the day has already gone. Now, I like to spend most of my time being with my husband (he’s my favorite), but I have found that having “me time” is also important. Let’s be real, sometimes I am a crazy, hormonal woman, who just needs a little time to herself (poor Jason, lol). I have found that if I take time for myself, I am less stressed, more relaxed, and even more present when spending time with my hubby.

Here below are a few activities I have found that keep me sane, and help me have a little “me time.”

  1. Running- Yes, running! Jason and I love to weight lift together, and sometimes we run together as well, but I also have days where I run alone. After a bad day, this is my treatment. It helps me not only blow off steam, but it helps me get outside and just appreciate the little things in life, like fresh air. If I am super stressed or grumpy, I find that a good run helps me relax and get the world off my shoulders (we all need that in life).
  2. Blogging- YES! This has been my fun, little hobby the last 3 months, and I have enjoyed it so much. Jason, hubby, was the one that encouraged me to start blogging. He knew I had a passion for fitness, travel, fashion, and beauty, and he wanted me to explore these passions. I took his advice, and here I am now. If you are needing your space, or a place to be you, I encourage blogging. I have truly enjoyed it!
  3. Reading my Bible & Praying- This is the main thing in life that keeps me sane. It’s what keeps me going. Through the good and bad days, I have hope, knowing there is something more then what this world can offer. I have eternal life in Christ, and that hope gets me through the toughest days. Now, I’m not perfect! There are days I don’t read my Bible, but what I have grown to LOVE is prayer. Talking to Jesus is my favorite! It’s my “me time” with my Father. In that safe place, where I can pray circles over my husband, job, family, friends, church, community, and country. Prayer has shaped me and changed my heart. This is the ultimate “me time,” as I get to spend time with my Creator.

Having time for myself is important, and I hope after reading this today you realize that you need a little “me time” as well. Whether that’s doing yoga, biking, reading, crafting, etc. Invest in yourself, whatever that is!

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