Jason and I were in a completely different place in our careers about ten months ago. I was making a career move, scared to death, and Jason was still at the start of his financial advisor journey. Wow, times have changed!

Now, I work for Visit Newport Beachย and Jason is grinding in his career and making moves. What is so fun about all of this is that we get to do it together. Our jobs complement each other so well, and it’s been fun to support each other and have people get to know the Jacobi’s.

What I have realized in my walk with the Lord is that I need to enjoy the journey and know he is always stirring me in the right direction.

All we can do is:

  1. Show up every day – wake up and give it our all.
  2. Build relationshipsย and continue to meet new people. It’s all about relationships!
  3. Never say no to new challenges that come our way – I was the Culinary Journeys host for the first time about a month ago and it was completely out of my comfort zone! I did, however, discover somethingย new about myself. You can CLICK HERE to view the video with G Social and Dine Newport Beach. Enjoy!
  4. Chase our lions – You must read THIS book! Mark Batterson teaches you how to survive and thrive when opportunity roars. It’s an inspiring book that is teaching me daily to chase my lions (fears).

As Jason and I continue to chase our lions, we will continue to enjoy the journey and every lesson we learn along the way.

Photo: G Social

Outfit: Vici