August was a crazy month for Jason and I. We went to Bishop with the family, Laguna to celebrate our anniversary, Catalina for a trip of a lifetime, Newport for a gorgeous wedding, and then San Louis Obispo for another beautiful wedding. With that being said, we are excited to get back to our daily routine and back to our fitness schedule.

Getting motivated after an amazing summer can be hard when trying to get back on track. Here below are some tips that help Jason and I when getting back on our fitness grind…

  1. Stock the fridge- get to the grocery store and stock your fridge. When you get back on the grind and start your fitness schedule, you need to be prepared to nourish your body. Jason and I have talked about our diet over the summer and have decided to change the types of food we eat for lunch during the work week. We want less carbs in our lunch and more protein. Make sure to pay attention to the types of food you eat and come up with a plan for this next season. Also make sure to stock up on protein powder. Protein powder is important to drink after every workout. It can also be a great work snack when your stomach starts to growl around 3pm.
  2. Organize your Closet- time to go through your workout clothes and get ride of those yellow stained t-shirts (ew). Refresh your closet and buy workout clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. I absolutely LOVE workout clothes. Lululemon has always been my favorite workout brand. They last a long time and I also love that I am able to do all types of workouts. Their material doesn’t limit me.
  3. Make a Schedule- As you enter into a new season, make sure to create a schedule and carve out gym time throughout the week. Jason and I prefer to workout in the morning before work. Not only is it less crowded, but after work we are able to relax and enjoy time with our friends by the pool. Find a time that works for you and that keeps you consistent. Consistency is key when wanting results.
  4. Update Your Playlist- I am such a rap girl when it comes to the genre of my fitness playlist. Over time though, the songs get repetitive and old. Update your playlist and invest in some music that will get you pumped for the gym.

Enjoy this new season! There will be times when you are unmotivated or frustrated because you are not seeing results from your hard work. Remember to stay consistent and keep up with these tips above. Little things like changing up your playlist will give you a better mind set. Embrace the grind!