I love having long hair! I grew my hair out in high school because I loved feeling girly while I was dripping sweat on the tennis court. Ever since then, I have kept it long (Jason loves my hair long). Having long hair takes time and effort, but if taken care of correctly, can be beautiful and full of never-ending styles.

Here below is what I use to keep my hair long & healthy:

1.  Hair Vitamins: Fish Oil is key when wanting to grow out your hair. It not only promotes hair growth, but it’s amazing for your skin. I take 1-2 Ultimate Omega fish oils a day with my multivitamins. If you struggle with growing your hair, I highly recommend trying Fish Oil. I know it has been a key factor in my hair growth and I hope the same for you.

2.  Washing Hair: Washing your hair too often will wash out the essential oils that are naturally there to promote healthy hair and scalp. I try to wash my hair every other day. It’s hard for me to go longer because of how oily my hair becomes after only 24 hours. My hair is super dirty in this photo above but it looks presentable because of my favorite dry shampoo. My favorite dry shampoo is from Living Proof.

3.  You Are What You Eat: A healthy lifestyle is reflected in everything from your skin to your body weight to YOUR HAIR! Clean eating, regular exercise, and tons of water are three things that you need to incorporate into your routine to promote healthy hair and a healthy lifestyle. Here are some foods that are great for your hair; avocados, almonds, salmon, eggs, spinach, and sweet potatoes.

4.  Blow Drying/Air Drying; I tend to always air dry my hair. Why do you ask? Because heat damages your hair and most of the time I am too lazy. Occasionally, I will blow dry my hair and when I do I use Platinum Blow-Dry Spray from Kendra Professional. This product protects your hair from damaging when blow drying or curling.

5.  Good Hairstylist: Having a great hairstylist is important when wanting to take care of your long locks. Amber Tice, from The Living Room Salon, has become my go-to girl. She knows how to give me the perfect balayage without killing my hair. She also educates me and helps me find affordable hair products that give me a long-lasting color and healthy hair. One of my favorite products for my balayage hair is Joico Purple Shampoo. This product keeps my color on point without killing it.