Santa’s coming everyone! Warm up your hot chocolate, put on your jacket, and grab a hand because it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This time of year is my favorite! It’s full of love, joy, and warmth. The Christmas spirit flows from every smiling face unless you’re the Grinch. Now, there are countless holiday activities in Orange County to participate in. I will soon be writing about our favorite date night activities during the holiday season, but this post is all about friends. We currently have the best neighbors in the whole world so, I thought this deserved a post. When I explain our neighbors to others I relate it to the TV show, Friends. Yes, it’s that great! Jason and I are soaking up every moment of this season of our lives because we know it will be deeply missed when we move.

Below are some holiday activities to do with your friends: 

  1. Christmas Photo: This has to be one of my favorite activities with our friends during the holiday season. We have some pretty creative neighbors and they come up with a theme each year for our Christmas photo. We all get together the first week or so of December and take our Christmas photo to kick off the season. It has become a great tradition in our apartment complex. Not only does it bring you together as a community, but it brings out your child-like spirit.
  2. Pub Carols: Find a pub in your city that has a Christmas carol event during the holidays. For us, it’s The Olde Ship Pub in Santa Ana. There is no better feeling than singing Christmas carols with people you cherish and love. The Christmas spirit is contagious in a pub full of friends, Christmas decorations, and a festive drink in your hand.
  3. Balboa Island Christmas Lights/Boat Parade: If you don’t live in Orange County, find a city Christmas event that is full of lights and wonder. For us in the OC, it’s the Christmas Boat Parade and Balboa Island. Not only will you be taken back by all the festive homes along the bay, but it won’t cost you a dime. Well, unless you have a warm hot chocolate in your hands which is a must!
  4. Progressive Dinner Party: A progressive dinner is a dinner party with successive courses prepared and eaten at the residences of different hosts. This is a great idea because it doesn’t put the all the pressure on one friend or couple to host in their home. Now, who’s hosting for dessert?

I hope this gives you some ideas this holiday season. Don’t let this time of year slip by without embracing every moment with your friends.