We all do it… The personal highlight reel on social media about our life. We pick the perfect picture and filter that make our skin glow or brings out our tan that doesn’t even exist (yes, I am guilty). We do it because we want to post the exciting moments of our life that make us feel good. What you need to realize when looking at other highlight reels is that they are broken human beings just like you and me.

Now, it’s not bad to post the exciting moments of your life and pick that filter that makes your legs look good! I admit (you probably already know, lol), I love posting photos of fashion, fitness, or of Jason and I on our #jacobiadventure instagram hashtag. What you don’t see behind my photos though is my brokenness. I am broken, just like you, and just like everyone else in the world. I have insecurities, bad days at work, arguments with my husband, failed friendships that hurt, failures that keep me up at night, and weird skin diseases or acne that appears on my face at the wrong time. The list goes on! We are not perfect even though our instagram page might portray this “perfect” life of marriage and being young.

I can get so caught up in other people’s highlight reels. After a bad day, I sit down on the couch and scroll through my instragram feed. Before I know it, I find myself envying someone else’s hair, body, work life, etc. It happens so fast and you don’t even realize it! God mentions numerous times throughout the Bible how envy and jealously can rot your bones and I couldn’t agree more as I have seen it happen in my own life. It says, “A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bone rot” Proverbs 14:30. When I envy someone on instagram I notice that it affects my mood, my heart, and my attitude. It eats you up inside.

We are all broken, even though we live in a culture that teaches us to never admit our brokenness. I know I have failed at admitting my faults and insecurities to others. I am working on being more vulnerable and letting people into my brokenness even when it can be uncomfortable. I encourage you to do the same. When you do this, there is healing and also people to journey through life with. My prayer for you and I is that we see past the highlight reel. Enjoy the moments of YOUR life, not someone else’s. Life is a precious gift, don’t let it slip by.

Dress from LuLus