On Tuesday and Thursdays, Jason and I wake up at 4:30am to hit the gym before work. Yes, we are officially crazy, but I love it! When we first made this commitment, I struggled! Jason had to pull me out of bed and there were even days he went without me because I refused to go. As time went on I was able to develop a 4:30am gym habit. It took time but once my body adjusted I grew to love these early mornings.

If you’re someone that struggles to find time in your day to get to the gym, I highly recommend the 4:30am wakeup. You probably think I am nuts, but I promise you will learn to love these early mornings when everyone is sleeping. Below are some of the benefits to hitting the gym before your day starts….

  1. Better Long Term Results:Research shows that those who exercise in the morning are more consistent exercisers than those who exercise later in the day. Our bodies love routine. Once you develop a workout routine that works for you and your schedule, you will start seeing results.
  2. Fewer Scheduling Conflicts: How many times have you planned on working out after work when something better comes along or you get too tired and just go home? By getting up early, you are less likely to miss out on any fun activities later in the day or get distracted at home or work. What I love about our morning workouts is that Jason and I can say yes to last minute plans with friends without feeling guilty for skipping out on the gym.
  3. Improved Productivity: Exercising increases your productivity and gets your endorphins going, helping you be more awake throughout the day. I notice that I am more creative, alert, and in a better mood on the days I go to the gym before work, than if I were to roll out of bed. It really gets your blood pumping and helps you get excited for the day ahead.
  4. Less Stressed:We all have anxious moments thinking about deadlines or maybe feeling overwhelmed. Getting in the gym before your work day will help you sweat off the stress and help lower your blood pressure as well. Working out has become my therapy. Find something that makes you sweat in the morning, and you will notice that you are less stressed, have less anxiety, and feel better about yourself!
  5. You’ll Avoid the Crowds: Jason and I love 24 Hour Fitness but we use to dread it when we had to go after work between 5-6:30pm. The gym would be packed and you would have to sit around and wait for machines. There is no greater pet peeve for me than having to wait for a machine and having your muscles get tight, its the worst! Our 4:30am gym wakeup has helped us avoid the crowds and get in a solid workout without standing around and wasting time.
  6. Morning Date With Your Spouse: This is my favorite part about our 4:30am wakeup. My love language is quality time and any time I can get with my hubby is very important to me. Jason and I have found this routine to be so fun and we love doing it together. Having a companion or workout partner to motivate you on your 4:30am wakeup journey is key. They keep you accountable and help you when you are struggling out of bed.

Now, who wants to get up at 4:30am tomorrow? I know, you probably STILL think I am crazy, but you won’t know or feel the benefits until you try.