Today marks our fourth wedding anniversary! Man, does time fly by! Jason and I met when we were 18 years old and I can’t believe its been 9 years now. To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A to share a little more about each other (from the other’s perspective!). I was laughing because in a few of the questions, we mentioned the same thing. We must think alike. Here’s what we have to say about each other after four years of marriage…

  1. What is one quality in Melissa/Jason that you discovered during marriage and grew to love?

Melissa: Jason’s drive. I always knew he was driven but I have experienced it so much more since we have been married. He sets a goal and goes after it and he doesn’t stop until he reaches it. He has pushed me in so many ways (gym, career, passions, etc.). It just rubs off on you! Jason rarely has doubts, which is a great balance because I am Mrs. Doubter! He always has a positive outlook no matter what the situation.

Jason: I think it has got to be how driven she is and how hard she works at whatever she is doing. I knew she worked hard before I married her, but being up close and personal everyday, I get to see the determination, dedication, and passion she brings to literally everything she does. It is inspiring.

2. What is your biggest pet peeve about Melissa/Jason?

Melissa: He is such a neat freak! I mean, I love that he is clean, but sometimes it drives me nuts! I am clean but I am not on the Jason Jacobi level. He organizes all of his shirts perfectly in our closet and makes sure everything is straight and in line. I have a little corner of the room where I can be messy and he doesn’t mind at all. There are also times I leave the kitchen counter a little dirty (water on the counter, this is probably Jason’s pet peeve of me!).  Like I said, having a husband that is clean is NOT a bad pet peeve, but sometimes it drives me crazy!

Jason: When she leaves water on the counter tops! Oye! It drives me mad sometimes because I go to put something down on the counter, and it gets all wet because she does dishes sometimes and water spills, and she forgets to wipe it up. 4 years and we are still working on it!

3. What is one skill Melissa/Jason has that you don’t excel in?

Melissa: Music/Rhythm. Jason is very talented when it comes to listening to music and picking up on notes. It makes me jealous because I have zero talent in this area. He can listen to a song for five seconds and play the exact same notes on the piano.

Jason: – I think it would have to be the skill of studying/picking things up quickly! She has always been a diligent studier and picks up new things/concepts fast. Sometimes I need an example or a hands on tutorial to understand things better. She is quick with those types of things!

4. What doe Melissa/Jason do that makes you feel better after a bad day?

Melissa: He just holds me. Jason and I love to cuddle so after a bad day he knows that is what I need. All I need is to be in his arms. He also knows that a La Croix or a little dark chocolate will help with my bad day.

Jason:  I think it starts when I walk in the door… I love her big hugs! She always comes to the door to greet me after a long day. I love seeing that smiling face and positivity after a long and hard day.

5. What is one of your funniest travel moments together?

Melissa: Oh gosh, this is so hard! We have had so many great memories traveling together. The funniest moment would have to be when I did a t-bar for the first time in Whistler. Jason and I went to the top of Whistler mountain and we had to take lift after lift to get to the top. At the very end, we had to take a t-bar. Right before it was our turn, a girl ahead of us ate it and fell right on her face when taking off on the t-bar. I was hesitate when it was my turn but I took off and went for it. LUCKILY, I didn’t fall and neither did Jason. I just remember laughing all the way up because it was so hard to balance on the snowboard. I will never forget this adventure! Not only did I conquer a big fear (double black diamond), but we laughed the whole time and had so much fun.

Jason: Oh man, we have had some really good travel memories together already! But one that stands out is when we were in Costa Rica, and we took an ATV tour through the jungle… It was rainy and muddy, and we were defending this pretty big hill. Melissa had asked me, “these ATVs are very hard to flip right?” I answered confidently that they were nearly impossible as ATV stands for ALL-TERRAIN Vehicle. Sure enough, my wife somehow flips this ATV going down the hill, and while it was so scary as I thought she was seriously injured, she was totally fine. I think it bruised her pride a little and she had some pretty good scrapes to show for it!

6. What is one thing Melissa/Jason can do that always makes you laugh?

Melissa: There are so many things that make me laugh because Jason has the best personality. I love when he starts dancing in the house. It’s hilarious!! He puts on some house music and dances with me while he helps clean the dishes.

Jason:  I think its so funny/cute when she mispronounces words or says sentences backwards. It makes me laugh so hard!!! Sometimes she gives up on sounding out words and wings it, and the word comes out hilariously. I love it!

7. What has been your biggest challenge together this year that you have had to overcome?

Melissa: Our job transitions have been hard this year but also a HUGE blessing. I started a new job and Jason left his job to start working for himself. This year has been a year of transition and sacrifices but we are trusting God with our future. It’s a hard place to be but also very exciting as we don’t know what the future holds. During this time, we have had to stay close together and really encourage one another. It has been a great learning experience for us in our marriage as we are experiencing a new season.

Jason: I would say with my career switch, me taking a huge pay cut to start my dream career as a financial advisor. It has been tough to sacrifice some of the things we were doing before, as I had a good paying job with a Fortune 500 company. But with greater risk comes greater reward. So we decided to take the leap of faith and try this “working for myself” thing! Melissa has been a great support during this hard time even though it has been really tough on her too!

8. What does Melissa’s/Jason’s dream day look like?

Melissa: Jason is a dreamer! It is what I LOVE most about him because he keeps my dreams alive and motivates me to keep pushing forward. Jason’s dreamy day would be waking up in Europe. We would have a Euro train pass to hop on the train and see all that Europe has to offer. The day would include taking the train to Switzerland, where we could explore and snowboard down the snowy trails of Zermatt. The day would end with us at a restaurant eating pizza and drinking a cold beer (we CRAVE carbs after we snowboard).

Jason: we love dreaming about our next vacation! I would say Melissa’s dream day would go something like this… “We wake up at a good time, look out the window to see huge snowflakes falling. We eat some breakfast, have a cup of tea with lemon, and put on our snowboard gear. It is about to be an epic powder day on the mountain! We spend the day exploring the mountain, pushing ourselves physically and mentally, enjoying the freedom the snowboarding brings. After we are done for the day, we would grab an ice cold beer and chat excitedly about how epic our day was! More than likely, we would probably meet new friends at this point!!! We go back and take a jacuzzi to ease our tired muscles. Then we shower, get ready for dinner, and head out for a night on the town (whatever ski town we are in). Knowing us, we will probably go for either Italian or Mexican food. After, maybe hit up a local place for some music, and festivities, and end the night with a glass of wine by a fire talking about our day, and our next adventure!”