Jason and I recently (4 months ago) ended our membership at 24 Hour Fitness and have transitioned to UFC Costa Mesa off Harbor Blvd. We were at 24 Hour Fitness for about 5 years and got to a point where we found ourselves bored. It’s important to switch up your routine when you find your workouts or motions become too repetitive. Why do you ask? Because your body leads to a plateau in your fitness gains.

One of the most beautiful things about the human body is its resilience and its ability to adapt to physical demands like exercise training. Our bones, muscles, tendons, heart, and lungs, will adapt to the stress exposed to it. This means if you undertake exercise that’s physically challenging, your body will adapt to this stress to ensure the same activity feels slightly easier in the future.

Here are some tips on how to not plateau in your fitness gains:

*   Change the order of your exercise
*   Train for longer
*   Increase your intensity

This is exactly what Jason and I have done since switching to UFC Costa Mesa.

Here below has been our weekly schedule:

Monday: Chest & Triceps – Go HERE to view more
Tuesday: Day Off
Wednesday: Back & Biceps – Go HERE to view more
Thursday: Day Off
Friday: DUT – Daily Ultimate Training: is a signature high-intensity interval training boot camp designed to consistently shock your system and deliver results. I have seen amazing results from DUT at UFC. I now have defined abs! Yes, I can see my abs, lol!
Saturday: Jog or take the weekend off

As you can see, I am only lifting about 3x a week, which is not much. Our new schedule has been working for us and we both have seen amazing results.

My advice for you is to keep evolving your workouts. Don’t get lazy! Keep growing and always be willing to learn more!

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