Your body is a temple. Read that again and think about it. Your body is temple of the Holy Spirit that lives within you. That is pretty crazy if you ask me! Our bodies are of value to God. He cares not only about our souls but about our bodies. If we do not take care of our health, we are neglecting God’s temple.

God has planted a passion for fitness in my heart. I am just FASCINATED with my body and how God designed me. Ask my husband, I don’t stop reading fitness/health articles on how the body functions. I am in awe at how it works, and I believe that is why I love working out so much.

Below are 4 simple workout tips that I hope will improve your fitness journey or help get you in the gym this upcoming year.

  1. Stay Disciplined- Having a routine and staying disciplined is very important when starting your fitness journey. If you don’t stay disciplined, life will get in the way. That’s just a fact! Find time in your day that works for you to go on a run or get to the gym. If it seems impossible, then you can do what Jason and I do sometimes and that’s crawl out of bed at 5am. Trust me, its worth it!
  2. Go out and buy some cute workout clothes or some new shoes.

  3. Buy a Cute Outfit- Yes, you heard me! Go out and buy some cute workout clothes or some new shoes. This will help you get excited for the gym and also help you feel good about yourself. The moment I invested in cute workout apparel I never stopped. In the picture above, I am wearing a new sports bra and tank top from Fabletics. I love the Fabletics material and how comfortable Kate Hudsons new line is. It gives you that sporty/cute feel that I love! If it takes new clothes or new shoes to get you in the gym, then go do it.
  4. Without having that workout partner, it is easier to slack off or miss some gym days.

  5. Workout Buddy- Having a workout partner is crucial to your fitness journey. Someone who keeps you accountable and also someone who just makes it fun. Jason is my workout buddy, and we actually really enjoy this time together. We enjoy pushing each other and encouraging each other to go faster on the treadmill or go up in weight. Without having that workout partner, it is easier to slack off or miss some gym days. So please, go get a gym buddy! Make it your weekly catch up time and have fun with it. If you are married, I HIGHLY encourage you to use your spouse as your workout buddy. It is a great time to hangout and just have fun together. Working out together has actually strengthened our marriage. I know… crazy!
  6. Eat Protein- Jason is going to laugh when he reads this. I used to say, “Protein is going to make me bulky and manly.” Not true! Your body NEEDS protein after a hard workout because while you are lifting weights, you are tearing and breaking down your muscles. Protein is what helps repair your muscles and gives you the results you deserve after your hard workouts. After each gym date with my husband, we drink our grass fed whey protein. Yes, grass fed protein! That is a whole other topic but yes I am obsessed with grass fed protein, meat, and anything grass fed. I believe its the best and the purest form that gives you the right nutrients for your body. After each workout, even if you just run, drink your protein and feed your body. I didn’t start seeing results until I included this into my routine.

Taking care of your temple/body that God has given you will reward you in the long run. Enjoy the process and the way He created you because it is pretty crazy what our bodies are capable of doing.

Now find a routine, buy some new workout clothes, find a workout buddy, drink some protein and have fun!