We have all heard of the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” It makes Vegas sound like the city of sin, sleaziness, and just filth. Now Vegas can be all those things, but so can any city.

As a Christian couple, that loves to have fun, Jason and I have learned how to enjoy Vegas and all the good it has to offer. I mean what woman doesn’t like to dress up, go to fancy restaurants, and not know where the night is going to take her, her hubby, and friends? For some of our Vegas adventures, we have enjoyed lounging by the pool at Azure, going to amazing restaurants like B&B, and even going out to see some of our favorite DJ’s…Sebastian Ingrosso, my favorite!

Now what I love about Jason, is that he is spontaneous. You need a man who is spontaneous in life! It is great to be disciplined (work, fitness, etc), but my gosh, you need to have a little fun! It doesn’t have to be in Vegas, but be spontaneous in your marriage and go on adventures. Try it! It might spice up your marriage.

For our last Vegas adventure over New Year’s, I kept it classy with a simple black dress from Forever 21, and my FAVORITE new thigh high boots from Steve Madden. I absolutely loved this look because not only did I feel like a woman, but I felt like the dress hugged my body in all the right places and made me feel sexy. The thigh high boots have changed my winter fashion. I love throwing these on with jeans or a cute dress. It really changes a look and gives you that night out feeling.