Summer nights here in Orange County are my favorite! I love the feeling you get when you get a glance of the bright, bold sun setting over the Pacific Ocean after a full day of family, friends and laughter. These are the types of days when you can get away with a short dress, flip flops and have no worries. It’s also the time of the year when you have no sense of time. Nothing beats it!

Jason and I love going out during the summer and experiencing new restaurants, but we also love to cozy up at home or hangout with our amazing friends in the community around us. Below are some of our favorite summer restaurants and activities:

  1. Family Dinners– Jason and I have big families (there are 27 of us), and with that comes a lot of birthday parties and family events. We love to barbecue, make pasta with homemade sauce, drinking wine while laughing around the table telling stories, and even staying up late chatting about the bookends of life in the jacuzzi. Summer nights with family are one of our favorite summer activities.
  2. Movie Night With Our Neighbors– We have the best neighbors! Jason and I still live in our first apartment and the main reason we haven’t moved is because of our neighbors. We love our community! One of our neighbors has a projector and during the summer we all go out by the pool on Friday nights and watch a movie together. Movies are great on the couch, but movies under the stars with your neighbors is hard to beat.
  3. Sushi Roku– If you are craving sushi between 3-6pm around Fashion Island, you need to check out the Sushi Roku‘s happy hour. This happy hour time is on Saturday and Sunday as well (score). Our go-to for happy hour is the edamame, calamari and spicy tuna sushi rolls. My only problem here is that I eat the spicy tuna rolls way too fast. They are delicious!
  4. Cruising Around Fashion Island– We love strolling around Fashion Island with nothing to do. Most of the time we don’t shop, which can be hard. We just enjoy getting Vitamin D and people watching. We also love getting a quick bite at the Gourmet Hot Dog stand at Fashion Island. It has been there for over 20 years, and it is a must if you have never tried it before. If you are familiar with Fashion Island, I am sure you have seen the hot dog stand by Macy’s. Next time, try it!
  5. Red O– Javier’s has always been one of our favorite restaurants, but Red O Restaurant has made its way to the top of our list. Red O offers classic Mexican dishes as well as prime steak and seafood, and also has a great happy hour! If you love Javier’s, then you will need to try Red O. The price point is about the same with Javier’s as well.
  6. Beach Run– Jason’s knees kill him when he runs in the gym, so we have been trying to build a habit of driving to the beach, since we live like 8 minutes away! We jog alongside the beautiful coast and spend time together outside. Getting Vitamin D after a long work day is always much needed. Its also a plus that after our long run, if the water isn’t too cold, we will take a quick dip to cool off!
  7. Canaletto Newport Beach– This is a hot spot! You might find Jason and I here every Friday for the rest of the summer. Canaletto has happy hour from 4:30-6:30pm, and their prices are hard to beat. Pizza, calamari and wine are all $6 each. We are talking a fine dining restaurant with happy hour prices that are hard to come by in ritzy Newport Beach. Why wouldn’t you want to check it out? Since we are on a budget, we find dressing up and enjoying happy hour at this amazing restaurant is the way to indulge a little without emptying our pockets.
  8. Ice Cream Date– We both have a sweet tooth, and lately our sweet tooth has been taking us to Creamistry. My favorite ice cream combination right now is coconut base, cake batter, with cookie dough mixed in. It’s definitely a party in your mouth!
  9. Poolside– Like I mentioned earlier, we have been blessed with some pretty great neighbors, so staying at home on a weekend is one of our highlights. What we love about our neighbors is that once one person is by the pool, everyone comes out. We migrate to each other. Before you know it, we are all poolside listening to music, playing games, taking a dip in the pool, and catching up on some sun rays after the long weeks at work that we just endured!

A few things we are wanting to do more of this summer are hiking, bike riding (we need bikes), movie theater dates, and going to the Rubys Shake Shack on PCH by Crystal Cove. I have been dying to go there as Ruby’s is right on a cliff that overlooks the ocean. Jason knows this is top on my list for the summer!

I wore this tropical romper from No Rest for Bridget (click here to buy) this last weekend, and I know it’s going to be one of my favorite outfits to pull out of my closet this summer. 

(Photos from our family summer barbeque this last weekend)

(Our pizza from Canaletto Newport Beach happy hour)