Welcome to Seek Your Beauty

If you can dream it. You can do it.

I’m Melissa Jacobi and welcome to Seek Your Beauty.ย I am 27 years old and married to the love of my life, Jason. We live in Orange County, CA.

I was the little girl that would always wear shoes, dresses, and skirts that were too big for me. Just picture a toddler clonking around in their Mother’s high heels…yup, that was me! Not much has changed in 24 years when it comes to loving fashion and fitness. The one thing that has changed over the years, is the beauty I have found in Christ and myself.

Seek Your Beauty is not only about seeking your outer beauty (fitness, fashion, etc.), but it is also about seeking your inner beauty as well. The King of Kings is captivated by YOUR beauty. You just need to seek your beauty and let it shine for the world to see!

I hopeย my little corner of the world inspires you. Thank you for reading and following along!

The King is enthralled with YOUR beauty; honor Him, for He is Lord. Psalm 45:11

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